Sculptra is like a regular filler, but better.  It essentially helps you to grow your own collagen.  As we age, we lose collagen, which acts as the skin’s support structure and helps maintain its shape.  In fact, 70% of our skin is composed of collagen, and collagen loss is the biggest reason skin becomes less elastic and youthful.

Putting Sculptra into your face is like spreading collagen seeds.  When the tiny Sculptra particles are under the skin, they act as a framework that stimulates and supports the growth of new collagen fibers.  Imagine a fence with roses growing up and over it.  Sculptra is like the fence, and the roses are your new and wonderfully elastic collagen.  You face will look fuller, younger and the tiny lines in your skin may vanish.

Sculptra is also different from other fillers in that it doesn’t really disappear in a certain amount of time. The results, which are usually amazing, last as long as your new collagen lasts.  That can be 3 years or 5 years, and it can even be longer. Your own body is responsible for the improvement, so it NEVER looks strange or unnatural. 

Injecting Sculptra is quite different than injecting other fillers, so typically only specially trained doctors can do it.   Dr. Brown has had extensive training and experience with Sculptra, and she will let you know if it’s the right treatment for you.

Vector illustration with process of getting skin skin younger with help of callogen isolated