Attention Sun worshipers, IPL can fix years of sun damage

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Intense Pulsed Light, also known as IPL or Photo Facial is a rejuvenation treatment targeting discoloration of your skin.  It’s an intensely bright light which is attracted to those stubborn, brownish sunspots which won’t come off no matter how hard you scrub.

The IPL light targets those brown spots and it can reduce, or completely remove the brownish discoloration. This can take several treatments, or it can happen in one.  Your skin is unique, so it’s hard to predict the outcome.  This treatment is NOT good for people who have some basic dark pigment in their skin, because the light can attack their own pigment and change it.  

IPL also seems to brighten, smooth and improve the texture of skin.  Some patients love it even if they don’t have brown spots, because of the remarkable rejuvenation results.

Dr. Brown has a new IPL device which works amazingly well for both sunspots and basic skin restoration.  She has been using this type of device for 20 years and her experience will help you understand if this is the right treatment for you.