Botox can keep your face looking natural

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Botox is the brand name for one of several natural chemicals which smooth the upper part of the face. It stops the muscles that cause wrinkles from working. These are typically the muscles that make you frown, pull up your forehead, and the ones that cause lines around your eyes.

The procedure can be performed during a short office visit with no downtime necessary. Botox or Dysport, which is a similar type of chemical, both start working in about 2-3 days with maximum effect seen at 10 days.

While safe, the injection of Botox or Dysport should be performed by a doctor who is highly experienced and trained in its use. Trained by the most prestigious experts in the field, Dr. Celia Brown is considered a master injector. The goal of Botox is not to look frozen or permanently surprised, the goal is to look relaxed and refreshed. An inexperienced injector often cannot achieve this natural look.

When Botox or Dysport are used correctly, they raise and arch the eyebrows while smoothing out the frown line. They can soften the lines on the forehead and can virtually erase crow’s feet. These goals can be accomplished while still leaving your facial expressions quite natural. The muscles are simply relaxed, so you can still frown, smile or look surprised, just without the wrinkles and creases.

Dr. Celia Brown injects Botox® with the minimum amount of bruising and discomfort. She feels that the application of Botox is an art that should be practiced slowly and carefully. At Skin Renaissance we know that your facial expressions are unique. Dr. Brown takes the time and care to make sure that your Botox treatment is as unique as you are.